Airflow Air Conditioning are happy to help customers with even the smallest enquiry for the littlest room in the littlest home. Hi wall split air conditioning systems are the most common utillized for residential requirements. For any enquiry regarding home / residential solutions just give us a call toll free 0800 002 473 or go to our contact us page.

Heat pumps / air conditioning units provide the most cost effective heating and cooling system avaliable. Not only can they heat / cool / dehumidify they are also very very energy efficent.

Convienient, affordable, quiet, comfortable and enviromentally friendly. Take it easy on mother nature and have a heat pump solution installed today.

A common term used for describing a particular type of installation is "standard back to back". A standard back to back is common in residential applications but generally the majority of installations require additional labour, cable, fitting, fixtures, piping and sometimes R410a refrigerant.

Our staff can help you with determining the required size of unit, the ideal location and also the installation requirements. All of this is FREE. So give us a call today and have one of our expert staff call on you.