Airflow recommends Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric, though we do carry other reputable brands.

Heat pumps are the most cost effective heating and cooling solution available today. When you also take into account the improved safety aspect, minimal noise and the desired comfort level with the touch of just a single button – this technology makes for a very appealing solution for homes and businesses alike.

Airflow sells and installs various heat pump / air conditioning solutions. Ducted – Hi wall – Floor Consoles – Ceiling suspended – Pre-piped installations – Ceiling Cassettes and more.
Installations come in all shapes and sizes and the team at Airflow can install the required equipment in the smallest of bedrooms through to the smallest of server rooms to the dizzying heights of the tallest commercial structures.

Save money – improved comfort level – ease of use – heating & cooling – dehumidification – safe

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Heat pumps are refrigeration product. They utilize the same technology as the common household fridge does. The ability to change from cooling to heating is known as reverse cycle.

Heat pumps are fixed speed or inverter. A fixed speed unit is either on or off. An inverter is also either on or off though when it is on it can produce a varied amount of power as required.