Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size unit to purchase?
Due to several variables including ceiling height, floor area, amount of windows and the quality of insulation to name just a few, it is important that a specialist visits your property to make the necessary calculations for you.
How long will it take to install?
Half a day depending on the size of the unit and the location that you have chosen.
What warranty if any would I get?
With Mitsubishi or Fujitsu you will receive a minimum of 5 years provided you do not void any of the minimal warranty requirements.
Why does someone need to visit my home? I have done the sizing calculations my self?
Our expert sizing staff actually do more than just calculate the correct size for your requirements, they also position in the unit in the most optimal position for you to maximize its performance, thus saving you money by providing you with its optimum efficiency.
How much will it cost me to install?
All installs are different just as every home situation is unique. Therefore an expert consultant can provide you with a FREE no obligation in home quotation for the exact amount for your own home.
How much electricity will the unit use? What would that cost me per day? Per month?
Due to the varied sizes of units combined with the unique living arrangement of each and every household we cannot give an accurate answer. We suggest you look at some of our other web pages which have generalized answers to the above questions. Heat pump / air conditioning units provide the most cost effective means of providing variations in temperature to provide your required comfort level.
After installation am I liable for any other charges?
Yes. To meet manufacturers warranty obligations you are required to maintain an annual service for your unit. Don’t fret if you have previously purchased from us as you are immediately placed into our schedule log and will be contacted prior to the due date.